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We are an HO Model Railroad Club seeking new members in the South Jersey Area.

 WELCOME to the online version of our model railroad. The name "Patcong Valley Railroad" came from our original location in the 1950's that was located inside a chicken coup on Patcong Ave. in Linwood. Moving up in the world in the 1960's, the club moved to the 3rd floor of a drug store on 9th St. in Ocean City. Eventually, the club needed to move once again and spent a few years meeting at each other's homes until a new location could be found to build the next Patcong Valley Railroad.  In 1978, the club moved into horse stables owned by Dick Schiereck located on Fire Road in Egg Harbor Township.  The layout photos on this site were taken at the Fire Road location just before it was dismantled after 27 years of construction during the winter of 2005. Since we have begun rebuilding the Patcong Valley Railroad in the Richland NJ community (which has been instrumental in helping the club to relocate and offered us a place in their community revitalization project), we have had much great exposure and met many new people who all enjoy the hobby of model Railroading as we do.  We are fortunate to be a part of this effort to save our history. The name of the Richland project is call Richland Village which has a theme of an old south Jersey railroad town. (Link to Richland website)

 In January of 2007 we completed our 1st full open house schedule since beginning our new layout in Richland NJ. The layout has been under construction for over 16 months and much progress continues to be made. We enjoyed seeing old friends from the years we were in Egg Harbor Township and meeting many new people who have just discovered us in our new location. We hope people continue to come see us when we are open and look forward to many more open house in Richland in the years to come.

  There are currently 29 members in the club.  It took between 12-16 of us to operate the Fire Road railroad smoothly. Most trains are member owned and 10 or more can be running at one time. The buildings you will see in the photos are mostly scratch built, and many are preserved for the new railroad currently under construction in Richland, New Jersey.

  The theme of the Fire Road railroad was based on a hypothetical bridge route between Pittston (Scranton) PA. and Kingston in south eastern NY. The terrain is mountainous with New England style cities and large railroad years and facilities.  The railroad size was about 3000 square feet.  Our trains covered 8 scale miles (480 feet) each time around the railroad.

 People visited our railroad for many years from all around the east coast. Our OPEN HOUSE show was held during the Christmas season and in the past, attracted between 500-1000 visitors per weekend. The success of these shows help the club to find a new location when required to vacate the Fire Road location, and to begin rebuilding the railroad empire in Richland.See the Photo Gallery “Patcong Valley 1978-2004” for some of the points and photo's of interest about the recent Fire Road model railroad location. 

  The Cape May Seashore Lines Railroad now runs weekend excursions from Richland to Tuckahoe for the Fall Season. Click Here for more details. (CMSL Web Site)

The club is renting the new building in Richland.  Over the past 16 months, members have been renovating the interior including new walls, insulation, ceiling, electrical, HVAC, and plumbing.  Current rebuilding effort includes a new railroad design that will cover approximately 2000 sq feet.  The railroad will carry a similar theme to the previous railroad off Fire Road, which includes Pa, NY and northern NJ east coast railroading features.  Railroad construction was begun in October 2005, We have made great progress as of September 2007. All of the benchwork for the railroad has been constructed and all mainline track is installed and wired. The club is run on DCC (Digital Command Control)which allows many options for more realistic train operations including sound. The club 1st had a portion of the railroad in operating condition for Summer 2006 and then held our first Christmas open house in December 2006. our next open house schedule begins in December of 2007. Check the website here for details.

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